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Compassionate. Pragmatic.
Jen Nossokoff for Supervisor


Jen's Mission and Vision

Jen Nossokoff's mission is to ensure District 1 is a safe, accessible, and healthy community for all, championing a holistic approach that involves government action, private sector innovation, and active community participation.

  • Community SafetyAdvocates for data-driven policing, community engagement, and clean streets to enhance safety.

  • Transportation: Promotes reliable, sustainable transit options and safe infrastructure to improve mobility.

  • Health Equity: Focuses on addressing social determinants of health, like stable housing, food security, and access to quality education to ensure all residents have the foundation for good health.

As a licensed medical professional and a public school parent living in the Richmond District, Jen brings a unique perspective to her role. Her personal and professional experiences underscore her commitment to addressing the broader factors that impact community well-being, making her a passionate advocate for a District 1 where everyone can thrive.

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On the Issues

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