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Gāo Sù Zhēn

With great honor, I have accepted the name 高素贞 (Gāo Sù Zhēn) which has been given to me to promote a more inclusive campaign and build connection with our local Chinese community.


This name holds significant meaning, characters explanation as follows:

高 (Gāo) - This character signifies "high" or "tall," symbolizing ambition and lofty goals.

素 (Sù) - Meaning "pure" or "simple," this character represents an unpretentious and genuine nature.

贞 (Zhēn) - This character embodies "virtuous" or "loyal," reflecting qualities of moral integrity and steadfastness.


高素贞 (Gāo Sù Zhēn) conveys positive traits and exudes a sense of ambition, simplicity, and moral character.

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